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May 20
Can a speech therapist help patients with dyslexia?

Dyslexia is the type of disorder in which the person finds it very difficult to interpret words and other symbols. Their brain is unable to decode language, that does not mean that their general intelligence is less than any other healthy person. It is a very normal disorder mainly found in children, it can be […]

May 20
Importance Of Cochlear Implant

If a person has a tough time hearing the sounds or deaf, then a cochlear implant will help them listen clearly to those sounds they miss. Well, it doesn’t produce loud sounds, but still, you can hear them clearly. In other words, it’s a small device that doctor implant in your ear through surgery. That […]

May 20
What To Expect at ENT Clinic in Delhi?

Ear clinic in Delhi a health care center where you will find an Otolaryngologist (or ENT Surgeon). An otolaryngologist specialize in helping people with issues related to ENT, Head, and Neck. ENT Clinic Delhi is dedicated to offering diagnoses and treatment that stem from these body areas in newborn or adults. A complete examination of […]

May 20
When to See the Best Allergy Doctor in Delhi?

The main cause of getting allergy is having low immunity in your body, which normally stops fighting with the germs and virus that gets inculcated inside your body. Usually, germs attack the human body in the form of dust particles, molecules, insect sting, or pollen which are strong enough to damage the immune system. Having […]