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Importance Of Cochlear Implant

If a person has a tough time hearing the sounds or deaf, then a cochlear implant will help them listen clearly to those sounds they miss. Well, it doesn’t produce loud sounds, but still, you can hear them clearly. In other words, it’s a small device that doctor implant in your ear through surgery. That directly sends impulses to your hearing / auditory nerve that further carry the sound waves to your brain. 

Well, the implant only helps to listen to sounds clearly. But, it can’t help in getting back your normal hearing tendency. However, the cochlear implant clinic helps the patient hear again those sounds that they weren’t able to do so long.

Working process of cochlear implant

Well, this implant is for both children and adults who have sensorineural hearing loss. A tiny hear cell present in the inner part of the ear or known as cochlear, gets damaged, which further affects the hearing loss. Generally, these hair cells receive the sound’s vibrations and then transmit them to the brain via the auditory nerve. However, when these hair cells get damaged, sound can’t reach the brain or auditory nerve. 

In such a case, a cochlear implant clinic in Gurgaon uses a cochlear implant to send the brain’s sound signals by skipping the hair cells damage. Further, it has two parts, one known as receiver-stimulator, which is then implant in your skin through surgery. While the other placed behind the ear, which is quite large and works as a hearing aid.

Advantage of cochlear implant 

If a person has a serious hearing problem, then the cochlear implant clinic will help them change their lives through this implant. However, the results vary from people to people. These include:

  • The person can now hear the sound close to the normal level.
  • You can understand the words without lip reading. 
  • Further, it’s quite easier to talk on a cell-phone and watch TV.
  • Now, you can enjoy the music that you love the most. 
  • Further, the cochlear implant clinic in Gurgaon helps you focus or control your voice so your words could be easily understandable by others.  
  • Moreover, you can listen to sounds like soft, low, medium, and loud.              

However, adults can often benefit from this implant immediately, and their hearing capacity can improve within 3 months after the initial stage. Further, this performance continues to improve, and they can hear clear sounds with passing the time. However, it’s a slow process and sometimes needs several years to give better results.


In short, many people have claimed that after the cochlear implant, their hearing capacity has been increased three times more than what they had before. Further, this implant improves their speaking capacity as now they can control their sound while speaking to others.  

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Sonu Pandey