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Can a speech therapist help patients with dyslexia?

Dyslexia is the type of disorder in which the person finds it very difficult to interpret words and other symbols. Their brain is unable to decode language, that does not mean that their general intelligence is less than any other healthy person. It is a very normal disorder mainly found in children, it can be cured with the help of a psychologist or speech therapist.

So the answer to the above question is YES, you can definitely cure dyslexia with the help of a speech therapist. Below you can learn in detail how the speech therapist does their job.

Symptoms in patience 

The patience generally finds it very difficult to learn any language, they also find it very difficult to communicate with the help of symbols. The patient cannot read and comprehend the sound of each word or even a letter. Their comprehension skills in any language are super weak, they find it difficult to remembers any important numbers, poor handwriting, or super slow in writing. Children who are at an early age of learning the skill of writing and reading are more diagnosed with dyslexia. Often times it can be cured by the teacher itself but if the children are still not able to understand language then you should make an appointment with a speech therapist. Speech therapy in Delhi consists of some experienced therapist, who deals with such inability on daily basis. 

How can a speech therapist help?

  1. Testing

 The first step is to test the inability. Testing is mainly done in a private room where the therapist analyzes the disorder by performing a certain test and after getting the reports they start with the actual therapy. 

  1. Phonological awareness

Decoding each and every word to the patient is the key process of phonological awareness. In school teachers teaches to read or write in general form, where a person diagnosed with dyslexia finds it difficult to learn. In phonology therapy, the therapist gives special attention to the patient. They teach the word by making a different sound or they play certain games through which a child can learn the language easily. Voice therapy in Delhi helps the patients to make a proper sound of every letter and then the word. 

  1. Processing time improvement 

 After making the patient learn the basics of language and numbers the therapist works on the processing time or memory of the patients. They use photographs, tables, or diagrams to make the children learn anything. The technique of visualization is used to improve memory.

A speech therapist is a qualified professional. They offer years of training and experience to treat patients with unique speech and voice problems including  Dyslexia.

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Sonu Pandey